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Air Purification

Activated carbon stands out as the most widely used product in air purification in the world.

Water Treatment

Water cleaning is also activated carbon, which plays a vital role. Activated carbon is the most basic material in water treatment.

For water treatment (treatment of water from dioxins and xenobiotics, coaling); to clean water in swimming pools and aquariums.


Activated carbon is preferred for the excretion of harmful substances in the body.

in medicine for toxins, bacteria treatment of animals and people, to clear blood.

Food & Beverage

Thanks to the absorbent property of activated carbon, it absorbs chemicals, adhering to toxins and nutrients.


It cleans surfaces by acting as a catalyst for organic and inorganic oxidation.

 in the chemical, oil and gas processing industries to bleach plasticizers, as a catalyst support, in production of mineral oils, chemical reagents and paints, rubber production, in manufacture of chemical fibres, cleaning amine solutions, for organic solvents vapours recovery.

Mine Recovery

It is the leading filtration option in gold and cyanide recovery.

n mining and metallurgical industries for manufacture of electrodes for flotation of minerals, for gold extraction of solutions and slurries in gold- mining industry.

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