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About Us:

Gonyi City Shecun Ruijia Water Purification Factory located at Henan China (middleast China), is a firm of produce filter medias, manufacturing, sales, supplying and service after sales of air purification products and environment protection products to worldwide market.


RUIJIA water purification engaged inWater Treatment, Air purification product, Environmental protection products and so on.

The mainly products include: 

Activated carbon(coconut shell, anthracite coal and wood etc), flocculant, polyacrylamide, poly aluminum chloride, birm manganese greensand, garnet sand and other purification products for clean water and HVAC ventilation system.


All could be used in high Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, tank type air filter, Pre-filter media, activated carbon filter, activated carbon pocket filter.


Our products have strong adsorption value, which be widely used in environment protection, hospital, food factory, furniture factory, hardware plastic factory, electric factory, industrial spraying equipment, automotive manufacturing, air conditioning manufacturing plant, pharmaceutical factory, scientific research institute, building construction and other ventilation air conditioning system, as well as all water treatment system.


Let us work together to create a better clean world!

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